It is a controlled, signed, and dated record deliverable product or service.

Quality Records are generated and maintained to support & ensure that the requirements of the Contract Document are met


The Project Manager shall be responsible for:

Quality Control Records are completed, legible, indexed filed, and stored.
Collating “Records” to be retained.
Ensuring that documents are identified.

The originator for any relevant records shall ensure that.

Applicable Procedure
Method Statement

Quality Assurance Personnel shall verify and confirm that records are maintained by this procedure.


During the Project period, files shall be established under the instructions of the Project Manager into which original or copies of the documentation pertinent to the project shall be kept. These files shall be prepared and maintained during the life of the project by this procedure.


The Project Quality Records shall include but not be limited to:

  • Contract Documents
  • Inspections and Test Reports
  • Material Certificate and Quality
  • Plans and drawings


The content of the Project Quality Records packages shall be complete & represent true records.


Document Control Project.


The quality Records files shall be compiled progressively as per job.



All records shall carry a unique reference that identifies the document in filing and enables it to be cross-referenced and retrieved. Identification shall indicate:

  • The Project
  • The Topic
  • The Date of Origin


Retention of Quality Records

Quality Records shall be retained in safe storage. They shall be archived in such a manner as to be retrievable for analysis as required. While in storage, records shall be protected from damage, loss, or deterioration due to environmental or other conditions.
All quality records shall be retained for the warranty period as specified in the contract.